A Great Day, Blue Velvet Here I Come!

Wooo! What a friggin great evening. This guys has earned some good points towards his next promotion. It appears my bosses have further evaluated my skills and have also given me credit for standing up for myself even though I failed miserably with those hecklers. This is great news, so I guess it’s time to celebrate. That’s right! It means I’m  gonna be putting on my handsome preppy sweater which all the ladies dig, and I’m heading off to the Blue Velvet for some cold drinks, yeah I love the place! I guess I’ll give Stephon a shout and tell him to meet me there. It’s time to party! Weehaaaawww!!!

Heading off to the Blue Velvet for a night of good times!

Giving Ste[hon a call to meet me at the Blue Velvet.