The Windenburg Party

Well, I really had a friggin good time at the party in Windenburg. There were quite a bit of people there and the music was nice and loud. My buddy Brian who I haven’t seen in ages was also there. Even my cousin Victoria showed up. I haven’t seen her since early last year.

Anyways, me and Tara chilled for a bit and had some drinks together. We talked about how much fun we were having at the party, and she even brushed her leg up against mine. I knew she was flirting, so I brushed my leg up against hers! We both smiled and laughed.

Afterwards, me and Tara went to do some dancing together, and that’s when I saw my buddy Brian and my cousin Victoria. I was so happy to see my good ole friend. Despite Genevieve, me and Brian are also best friends. I knew he was living in Willow Creek for a while now because his mother works for the same employer as me. Unfortunately, I’ve just been so busy and forgot to pay a visit. Some friend I am, hehe!

So, we were all dancing and having a good time. I introduced Tara to Brian and Victoria. Brian said that she was a beautiful lady and asked if we were going out. It kinda put me in awkward position because although me and Tara like each other, we aren’t in an official relationship yet. So, I told him that me and Tara are just close friends, and then Tara smiled and bumped me with her hips, hehe!

After we were all done dancing, me and Tara went for another drink together. We both had a nice buzz going on. We hugged and did some more talking. Shortly after, Brian joined us. He told me and Tara that he works as a secret agent for some security company. That’s cool because he was always into that kinda stuff. While he was busy talking away, me and Tara took a really great photo together!

Also, I’m glad that nobody brought it up, but I had some really bad body odor coming from me. You know it’s pretty bad when you can smell your own odor, hehe! Anyways, me, Tara, and Brian spent some more time chatting and socializing together. The thought crossed my mind... Maybe I should hook Brian up with Genevieve because he’s single too. They would make a great couple, and it would be easier for me to tell her that I’m in love with Tara.

Later on, me, Tara, Brian, and Victoria went for a swim in the pool. Now, this is one sweet ass pool! It was like something you would find in an ancient city or something. Me and Tara spent a lot of the time talking with each other in the pool while Brian and Victoria had their own thing going on.

A little while later, Brian and Victoria left the pool and it was just me and Tara. It felt so good to be alone and next to her in the water. It gave me a warm fuzzy! We talked about some of the good times we had together in 1992. She also started flirting with me again. She was being so cute and seductive. I love it! She just knows how to pull me towards her, hehe! She’s a great gal, and I’m so in love with her!

It was a pretty awesome night of partying, and we all had a pretty damn good time! It was the morning and the sun was already up by the time Tara, Brian, and Victoria left. I had one last drink by myself while I enjoyed the beautiful scenery before I left the party too.

Well, I’m just about to head to bed and crash. I have to get up in a few hours for work, and I know I’m gonna have a pretty massive hangover... Oh well, good times!

My buddy Brian was also having a pretty damn good time at the party too!

Tara was in the pool flirting with me. She’s so cute and seductive! I’m really in love with this girl. I love everything about her!

Me and Tara Both Really Had to Go

I guess we were both just holding in too much liquid, lol! Me and Tara just arrived and were talking about how friggin awesome this party is gonna be, and then I could tell that she was becoming a little bit antsy. She said that she drank a lot of water today and really had to use the bathroom. Moments later, she goes running into the bush, lol! So, I figured it was a good time! I really had to drain my liquids too, so I went to the bush on the opposite side. After we both finished our business, we both had a chuckle talking about it, hehe! Well, me and Tara are just on are way to the loud music that’s just ahead of us. This is gonna be a pretty sweet party. Maybe this is the night where I’ll finally get the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend so that we can be in an official relationship!

Had a Great Jog and Tara Invited Me to a Party!

I’m a pretty sweaty fellow right now! I just got back from my jog, and I really pushed the limits today. I love jogging. When you’re stressed out, I find that going for a nice long jog really refreshes the mind. Also, Tara just called and invited me to a party that she was invited to. It’s on the Windenburg Island. This should be pretty phat. I guess I better get ready because I told her that I would meet her there soon.

Forgot to Pay the Hydro Bill and Messed up My Lunch

I had no power for a bit because I forgot to pay my hydro bill. So, I called up the hydro company and told them that I just sent the payment in the mail, and then they restored the power. Damn, it was a pretty hefty bill of $403. It’s a good thing I got a nice promotion bonus. Anyways, I also ended up burning my eggs and toast that I was gonna have for lunch. The food didn’t look too appetizing at all, so I threw the burnt eggs and toast out and just settled with a microwave dinner instead.

Paid my hydro bill.

Burnt my toast and eggs.

Threw the burnt food out.

Eating a microwave dinner.

A Good Time and a Depressed Lady

It was a great night at the Old Quarter Inn, I had a blast! Me and Stephon did some more drinking. We talked more about the club, and we both agreed that we want to setup a hangout place similar to this. Maybe, we both can just save up some cash and pitch in to buy out the Old Quarter Inn, that would be even better. I’m gonna talk to him about that. Anyways, after Stephon left, I went to try out that funky game machine thing. It was kinda fun, but I wasn’t too good at it. Also, there was this depressed chick hanging around the pub. She was the only other person here besides me, Stephon, and the bartender. I could have sworn me and Stephon both heard her crying in the waiting room. So, after I was done with the game machine, I decided to go chat with her. She told me her name was Bailee. I asked her what was wrong and why she was so upset, but she didn’t really wanna talk about it. So, I just tried to comfort her as best as I could and made small talk. Well, I’m just leaving the pub to go home now. I’ll be sleeping in most of the day tomorrow because I’m so bloody hammered!