Me and Tara Both Really Had to Go

I guess we were both just holding in too much liquid, lol! Me and Tara just arrived and were talking about how friggin awesome this party is gonna be, and then I could tell that she was becoming a little bit antsy. She said that she drank a lot of water today and really had to use the bathroom. Moments later, she goes running into the bush, lol! So, I figured it was a good time! I really had to drain my liquids too, so I went to the bush on the opposite side. After we both finished our business, we both had a chuckle talking about it, hehe! Well, me and Tara are just on are way to the loud music that’s just ahead of us. This is gonna be a pretty sweet party. Maybe this is the night where I’ll finally get the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend so that we can be in an official relationship!