Almost Got into a Fight

I nearly got into a fight tonight. I ended up running into that jerk who was bothering me and Rita at the park the other day. I wanted to have a few words with him, but even in the beginning it was just insults.

So, I decided to ignore the fellow for a bit by hanging out with the crowd at the bar and even playing the guitar on stage. However, it ended up me and that guy stepping outside and just yelling at each other. It was pretty close to an all out fist fight, but we both ended up walking away instead.

I went back into the Oasis and helped myself too a drink, I was so bloody mad… I didn’t care if I just took it, but I did pay later.

Despite all of this, I nearly got into an argument with the flippin bartender too. Luckily, my cousin’s fiancĂ© walked in at the right moment. My anger shifted and I ended up having a calm and decent conversation with William rather than losing my temper on the bartender.

Well, that concludes my eventful Thursday, and now I gotta head to bed and get up for work in a few hours…