BBQ and Some Mischief

Smoking! I fired up the barbecue tonight after I got back from work. Mmm mmm mmm! I put some big juicy sirloin burgers on the grill as I listened to some good tunes. God, the smell was torturing my taste buds as I cooked those sluggers up.

After I was done eating I gave Genevieve a call and see if she wanted to come and hang out and even try some of these fine burgers that I cooked up, but she said she was on her way to bed. Oh well, I guess that means some more beef for me!

Afterwards, I just sat down and chilled for a bit while listening to some more tunes on my patio. However, I was getting a bit bored and I just had this urge to get a thrill out something. So, I jogged down the street and went into some guy’s yard, lol.

I was checking out this dude’s yard, and damn… this guy must be loaded, the yard is absolutely beautiful and huge. I went up to a log and I found a flippin frog! I put it my palms but accidentally hit the log making a loud noise so I booked out of there pretty fast.

Well, that was my night! Only two more days of work, and then I got another two days off!