Drugs and the Black Market

I’m just on my work break right now. I was telling my work colleagues that I met my father for the first time in years today and how he is so much better in shape than I am.

I have to admit, I am sick of having all this extra weight on me and being so out of shape. When I first got here, I was fit and well toned. I was a prince, hehe! Now, I am just a lazy individual who has been suckered into the distractions of everyday life and not putting in enough effort to get more exercise.

So, yeah I kinda complained about that to my fellow work colleagues. After all my complaining, one of the guys let me in on a secret. He was telling me that there is this drug that can be bought from the black market that will basically instantly burn all this weight off of me. I guess I shouldn’t be sharing this since it was a secret, hehe!

Anyways, the dude wrote down the address in where I can pick this drug up. I guess all you have to do is just let the tablets dissolve in a liquid and drink it, and then all that weight will be gone.

Well, it’s almost time to get back to work, but I think I’m gonna drop by the address and pick up some of those tablets later. Check out the photo I took of the buildings downtown, it’s a pretty nice view!