Go Stephon, Go!

We are now in the house! Me and Stephon just had quite a few drinks at the bar. We’re talking about how he’s gonna make his big move. He was pointing at the table with the chicks closest to the bar. He said, “She will be mine, the girl on the left!” as he slurred his words. Hehe, right on, I hope he is successful. So, I’m just walking closer to the table with him giving him some encouragement even though he doesn’t look at the least bit nervous. “Go, Stephon, go get her!,” I tell him.

Drinking some good booze talking about Stephon’s big move towards getting the ladies.

Walking with Stephon closer to the table with the chicks.

Stephon is ready to make his big move and I'm giving him some encouragement although he doesn’t seem like he needs it.