Good Times at the Rattlesnake

Damn, what a great night out! As soon as I got to the Rattlesnake I went to the bar and ordered up a nice cold beer. The Rattlesnake has some good premium stuff, I love the drinks here.

After a few drinks, I ended up chatting with the bartender. I told him about an idea I had stored up inside my mind. We both burst out laughing! I guess building a time machine to go back in time just doesn’t come across as a feasible idea. Hehe, that will be the booze talking. Damn, what I would do if I could go back in time…

A little later, I turned over to see my good buddy, Stephon, chilling with the folks by the couch. I guess he is up for another round of the good spiritual quest of finding that lady. I don’t think he saw me, so I figured I’d leave him to his tasks for the time being.

So, I ordered a couple more drinks to fulfill my craving to let time pass and escape into a nice serenity of comforting thoughts. Listening to the music here helped with focusing on those thoughts. The Rattlesnake seems to always have good tunes playing. A lot of it is pretty laid back.

A little while later, I turn around to see Stephon now chatting with another chick. Hehe, he’s really got the courage. This guy shows no fear at all. So, I decided to join them at the table. Yeah, I kind of just invited my self, hehe. He was like, “Man, Richard… What the heck, I didn’t even see you.” Hehe, he was pretty distracted with the ladies.

Afterwards, I stepped outside of the bar and played a bit of the violin. I always bring this baby with me everywhere I go. Playing the violin drunk spawns interesting music, hehe!

Well, now I am just at home. I am gonna crash pretty soon. One more day of work and then two days off! I think I might take some vocation time pretty soon. I need a break from work… we all need a break from work every now and then!

Telling the bartender about my idea!

Turned back to see Stephon trying to score points with that gal.

Drinking back the hard stuff!

Stephon chatting with another chick.

I invited myself into the conversation, hehe!

I'm playing the bloody violin late into the night drunk, beautiful music!