Got into an Argument with Genevieve at the Park

So, I finally got the toilet replaced and went down to the park, but things didn’t go as smooth as I expected them to be. I am angered and just kicked over a garbage can in pure frustration…

I got there and I met this girl named, Rita, we were having a game of chess and some guy comes and bothers us. He just wouldn’t leave us alone. Eventually, Rita got angered with the fellow and threw everything off the chessboard. I was feeling pretty uncomfortable, so I just thanked her for playing most of a game and left.

I was admiring the scenery and I saw Genevieve walking down the path, but she didn’t look herself. She was stomping and looked pretty upset. So, I figured I would try and talk to her and see if she was okay. We started out fine, but when I made a joke she just got so furious and began yelling at me. I couldn’t help but lose my temper as well, so I yelled back. I felt bad for losing it because I like her, but I sometimes have anger problems myself.

After we argued for a bit, I told her that we both need to cool down and just walk away. So, we both did that. However, I was so bloody frustrated and angered I just walked up to a garbage can and kicked it over... I looked over and seen all these kids looking at me. I guess I just set a fine example of how one should act. I wanted to get out of there quickly. So, I took the spilled garbage, ran, and through it into another bin as I left the park.