Made Peace With an Enemy

I just got back from the Solar Flare not too long ago. I had a few drinks while chatting with the good folks. The Solar Flare is a more of a fancier place than the Rattlesnake or the Oasis, but it’s still a nice place to chill.

It was nice to see Genevieve there, I haven’t seen her for a little while. We were talking while listening to the live performance. Unfortunately, that guy from the Rattlesnake who I got into a huge argument with was also there and hitting it up with her. So, it was kind of an uncomfortable situation.

I was getting a bit tense and eventually I initiated a small argument with the guy whose name is actually Jermaine. However, things started getting a little bit better between us, and eventually all three of us me, Genevieve, and Jermaine got into a decent conversation with no arguments or fighting.

Afterwards, I went for a little stroll around the area. It’s actually a pretty decent area. I checked out a nice little pathway with rocks and trees. I ended up finding some strange plant in the bushes, I figured I would keep it. I also had my violin with me, so why not, I did some practicing in the early morning in public, hehe! Having a few drinks in me helped not care how bad my violin playing skills are!

Well, I am just finishing up this awesome left over burger I barbequed a few nights ago, and then I am going to pass out.