Snappy Snappy Night!

I decided to try out a new lounge, needed a nice drink after a hard day of work at my new job, it's only my third day! Anyways, it was a different crowd tonight as compared to the people I met at the night club a few days ago. Everyone was pretty laid back and chilled. There were some good conversations going around.

Jim Lundy, the guy I am talking to, seems like a pretty cool fellow. Did quite a bit of chit chat with him. Last time I had a long chit chat with somebody I first met I got into a big argument.

Of course, there always has to be something that makes the night not 100% perfect. This lady kept on eying me down. Not sure what her problem was.

I knew I recognized that face from somewhere. The older lady sitting at the bar was the same girl who was yelling at that guy a couple days back. I guess this is her hang out place.