Stephon and Lydia

I’m just at the Blue Velvet with Stephon right now. Before we went in, I got into a little panic attack telling him about the events that took place and how Thursday was a complete blank. He was like, “That’s some pretty messed up shit man.”

Shortly after, we went in and sat at the bar for some drinks. The gal that he tried to pick up the last time we were here was already sitting there before us. Tonight, he’s actually making some progress with her. Her name is Lydia. I noticed she had quite a few drinks while sitting at the bar with us. Hehe, I guess that’s why they’ve been pretty friendly with each other this evening.

Now, me and Stephon are just talking about how he’s gonna make his big move and actually go and take it to the next level with more than just conversations. He just might have that chance tonight!