Tara's Here

I am so glad that Tara came over. I’ve been waiting forever to see her again. She showed up with her beautiful smile, I adore it so much. We spent some time hanging out and talking on the patio. I told her about my new promotion and how they gave me a spiffy rug as a reward. She laughed at the rug part, hehe. I know... it’s kind of odd. Out of all things, why a rug? I asked what she has been up to for the last few days. She said she’s been pretty busy at work. She works in the business field. She apologized for not being able to hangout the last couple of times I tried calling her. She said she goes to bed fairly early most nights of the week because of her work schedule. I said it was no problem at all. Anyways, we are just about to go for a walk. I know where I’m gonna take her!