Told Stephon About My Day with Tara

What an awesome day I had with Tara. It’s now about 12am and I’m just chillin with Stephon. Yeah, I called him up and invited him over. I just had to tell him about how wonderful of a time I had spending with Tara today. He patted me on the back and said, “She’s a beauty.”

However, I am not going to rush things, and I don’t even know if she has the same feeling for me as I do for her. I just gotta take it slowly. What matters is that I finally got to meet her and we spent some time together.

Now, I gotta think about Genevieve. It’s kind of an awkward situation now because I know Genevieve has feelings for me, and I was kind of getting feelings for her too…

Heh, I was telling him that maybe all four of us: me, him, Tara, and Lydia should get together sometime, but he said that Lydia hasn’t returned any of his calls today. I guess she must still be pretty ticked off.

Anyways, me and Stephon are about to head out to the Blue Velvet for some drinks. He said that he’s gonna be buying me a drink tonight for my success!