Went to the New Nightclub Tonight

Oh jeesh golly darn, my hips are sore! I went to the new nightclub, The Oasis, tonight. It has been a couple days since I last had a nice cold drink, so I figured I would go see what the big deal is with this new club. Everybody has been talking about it at work.

So, I got there and it was pretty packed. I recognized a few familiar faces. That gal, Eliza, I met last month at the Blue Velvet was there. We did some catching up and some grooving, hence my sore hips, hehe!

Afterwards, I sat down for a bit and talked with the bartender. I needed to get some energy back after all that dancing. The crowd ended up going wild on one of the other bartenders. Everyone was screaming for a drink!

Later on, I socialized with my good ole drinking pal, Stephon, who seems to like going out for drinks too. It turns out he was quite interested in all this excitement that has been going around about the Oasis, so he decided to make an appearance tonight too.

After all the excitement was over, I sat on the bench outside of the club and enjoyed some nice fresh air. It was pretty peaceful and relaxing sitting there by myself.

Well, I am beat! I am heading off to bed. One more day of work and then I got two days off!