A Good End to a Night with Bob and Gilbert

Well, it was a pretty decent night afterwards. I spent the rest of the night chilling with Bob and Gilbert. I was kinda glad to see Gilbert having some fun tonight. He's a pretty good fellow but with so much pain trapped inside. I really feel sorry for the guy. Like come on... he still wears his father’s hat for the memories. I could only imagine what kind of pain it must be to lose your father to suicide by triggering a shotgun to the head. That’s some pretty deep shit... Anyways, Bob is really turning out to be a pretty cool dude too. I had quite a few drinks with him this evening. He was telling me how much he loves his wife, Eliza, and that they are planning on having kids pretty soon. I gave him a high five and said, “Good job!” Shortly after I said that, I picked up my booze and thought to myself, “Damn, I would never want to have kids!"