Another Great Evening with Tara

I had a wonderful time with Tara tonight. We had a few drinks, talked, and even watched some TV together. I showed her the renovations I did to the living room, and she said I did a pretty good job. She must really love putting a smile on my face because when I was making us some more drinks, she got all hyper and deliberately tried to make me laugh. She succeeded! I love that girl’s sense of humor. Later in the evening we went outside and sat in the lawn chairs. It was pretty late into the night and quiet outside, so it was a nice atmosphere to be spending time with her in. I also showed her where I put my poor stereo... She felt sorry for me, and I felt sorry for me... Afterwards, I paid for a cab to take her home. We were both too drunk to walk that far, hehe!

Pouring myself a nice cold drink!

Sitting outside with Tara and talking. We were having a great time.

I showed Tara where I put my broken stereo. She felt bad for me...