At the Rattlesnake with Stephon

I’m just at the Rattlesnake chillin with my bro Sephon right now. He was already here before I arrived. We’re just having some drinks. I ordered this new drink called the, “Wrench.” It’s pretty damn tasty, but it cost me a pretty penny, 20 bucks!

Anyways, I was just talking about work with Stephon and apparently he is now a doctor at the hospital. Damn, good for him. He’s gonna to be pulling in some big bucks, much more money than my damn job.

I have been really thinking a lot about changing careers and becoming a detective these last few days, but I so badly want to become a film composer... It’s tough because I am getting a pretty low wage right now as compared to what I would make as a detective. The music and entertainment business starts out pretty damn slow.

The bartender who is working tonight is a real snot. I don’t like her at all. I haven’t seen her around here before tonight either. There seems to be a lot of new faces showing up around town. I guess a lot of people are hearing about how much of a beautiful place it is to live in Willow Creek.

That chick from the Blue Velvet, the one who was hanging with me, Bob, and Stephon the other night, is sitting across from us. I never did catch her name, but I think I’m gonna invite her over to join us for some drinks!

Ordering some drinks with Stephon.

Drinking the, Wrench", an expensive but tasty drink. It lights the fire in my heart!

The bartender tonight is extremely rude. She was pretty snotty with me.

The chick from the Blue Velvet who we were hanging out with the other night is sitting across from us. I never did get her name, but I'm gonna ask if she wants to join us for some drinks.