Genevieve and Tara are Becoming Friends

Well, I’m happy to see that Tara and Genevieve are really getting along well. I went to call work so that I could take a vacation day, and I returned to see Tara and Genevieve laughing and having fun. It’s kind of a tough situation for me though... I know Genevieve still has feelings for me, but I still don’t think she suspects that I’m falling for Tara. I do have a strong feeling that Tara is interested in me too. I can’t be 100% sure, but she seems to enjoy being around me and she’s coming over on her own a lot now. Also, the way she smiles at me... it just comes across as, “I like you!” However, I gotta take it slow and safe. I also gotta find a way to tell Genevieve that I’m falling in love with Tara without hurting her feelings... I can’t think of this now though because it’s time to go and have some fun. We’re heading off to the mall, hurray! Hehe!