Having a Good Time with Tara

I’m really having a great time with Tara this evening. She doesn’t have to work tomorrow, so we got the whole night together! I couldn’t help but compliment her new hair and outfit. She smiled and returned the compliment by saying that I looked pretty slick myself. I guess she noticed my new haircut too! I wanted to take her to the Rattlesnake, but we decided to stay at my place instead. I kind of like it better that way anyways because it’s just the two of us instead of a crowd. This new bar is really coming in handy. I've already made quite a few drinks for both of us this evening. She’s getting a bit tipsy and it’s cute. Man, I really love spending time with this girl. Anyways, Tara’s just sitting on the couch waiting for me to make the next drink. I better not keep her waiting!

Me and Tara talking and having a drink together. 

Tara sitting on the couch smiling at me. I love her smile. It gets me all the time!