It's Morning Time!

I had such a great day yesterday! I also enjoyed spending the late evening with Tara. We had a few drinks together last night, and she was pretty tipsy and continued on with the flirting. I didn’t want to take advantage of the moment though. If I’m going to tell her how I feel, we're both gonna have to be sober. I really do think she likes me though. Anyways, it’s morning time! What the heck, eh!? I never get up in the mornings. The morning scenery actually looks pretty beautiful. However, it looks like I’m gonna have to buy one of those energizer drinks I had a few months back because I know I’ll be hurting for sleep once the evening arrives. So, I did some cleaning, and of course I bloody left food outside again... this seems to be a bad habit of mine. I also checked the mail today to find more hefty bills reaching a total of nearly 400 bucks. I'm seriously becoming extremely broke... I’m gonna need a flippin miracle for my finances. Well, I’m just finishing up some nice juicy hamburger cake, and then I’m gonna head down to the gym.