One for the Memories

Oh mother of sweet love, what a friggin good night it was! Damn, why do good nights have to end? Me, Tara, Stephon, and Genevieve spent the night at my place having some drinks, fun, and listening to some good tunes. We tried to invite Lydia over, but she wasn’t home...

Me and Stephon made some good conversation while Tara and Genevieve, who was dancing, were talking. We talked about how he and Lydia are progressing as a couple. He said that things are going pretty slow but steady. It’s a shame she wasn’t here tonight. We also talked about some interesting ideas such as opening up a retail shop together and selling stuff... drunk talk, hehe!

While Stephon was in a trance staring at my frogs and Genevieve was still dancing, me and Tara sat on the couch and had an interesting conversation. I asked how her home life was because I really didn’t know much about it, and all I had was her number. She said that she’s currently paying room and board and lives with a family in Oasis Springs, but she’s looking to get her own place pretty soon. I told her not to rush things because living on your own is pretty damn expensive.

Later on in the evening, both Genevieve and Tara were dancing, so I decided to make us all some more drinks. While I was making the drinks, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Tara, hehe. She’s just so cute, and watching her dance just put me in happy land!

Eventually, Genevieve had to leave because she had to go to work. So, it was just Me, Tara, and Stephon. The subject of romance was brought up again. Stephon told Tara about his earlier encounters with Lydia and how he tried to work his moves hard and fast. Tara just rolled her eyes and smiled. He also told her about how he got so drunk and tried to stick his tongue down Lyda’s throat. Haha, the expression on her face after she heard that, it was so hilarious!

Afterwards, we all heard a loud pop which made us jump. It turned out that something in my new stereo system broke. There were bloody sparks flying everywhere. This really broke my heart because I spent a fortune on the damn thing, and I don’t know how I’m going to afford to replace it.

So, Stephon eventually left and then it was only me and Tara. We were both pretty drunk. I was kinda flirting with her! I blew a kiss and she blushed and returned the flirt with a cute smile and hand gesture. It gave me a really big warm fuzzy! Just being next to her gives me a warm fuzzy, hehe! I really love spending time with her.

Further into the evening, Me and Tara were sitting on the couch talking and slurring our words to one another. She asked me how I’m liking my new position. I told her that I liked it a heck of a lot better than my old position. I explained to her about all the hecklers I had to face during my time as an Open Mike Seeker. She said, “Poor boy,” and patted me on the back. Yeah, that also gave me a warm fuzzy!

Before the night ended, I made me and Tara one final drink, and I ended up spilling some of the ice and booze... I can’t blame myself though, I was pretty damn drunk! We took our drinks outside and spent the rest of the evening together talking on the deck up until she had to leave.

Well, it’s now early morning, and I’m still friggin drunk! I have to go to work later on today, so I guess it’s time to crash. What an awesome night though, this is definitely one for the memories!