Partying It up at the Blue Velvet

What a great night of drinking and fun! Me and Stephon chilled with Bob and some other chick for a good portion of the night. Unfortunately, Gilbert didn’t stay too long and had to leave shortly after me and Stephon arrived. We also talked with Genevieve while she was tending the bar, she was glad to see us. I shouldn’t really say this, but she even gave us a free drink! Damn, that gal is awesome! After Genevieve left for the evening, the new chick who works at the Blue Velvet arrived to tend the bar. I’ve seen her a couple of other times. I think her name is Vivian. Anyways, she was getting all crazy excited and started rambling on about a bunch of stuff. Her gestures and expressions... me and Stephon got a pretty good laugh, hehe! Well, it’s now 5:27am and me and Stephon are loaded. Unfortunately, we I gotta go to work later on today. So, I think it’s time to finish off my last drink and call it a night.