Some Pre-Night Drinking

Right on! I’m having a blast with Stephon right now. We’re just having a few drinks before we head down to the Blue Velvet, it saves money! We were talking about the ladies. I told him Tara came over last night and how grateful I was that she didn’t need to use the toilet. I explained to him that when I took a leak this morning and flushed the toilet that shit flooded all over the toilet seat onto the ground. He bloody laughed so hard his lungs hurt, haha! Afterwards, he told me that he and Lydia got into another fight. He admitted that it was his fault again. Stephon said that he kinda got upset because she wouldn’t have sex with him, so they got into a huge argument and she walked out. Damn... I thought to myself. Well, I’m just finishing up my last drink, and then we’re going to party it up at the Blue Velvet!