Tara Cleaned My Yard, but We're Having Fun!

I have to say that I was in a pretty miserable mood earlier because of the spilt garbage and dead plants, but Tara sure changed that around. I told her about the plants and garbage. She smiled and just told me to relax, and to my surprise she was picking up the garbage. I felt so bad... That was the last thing I needed was for her to be picking up the trash that was all over my yard. I tried to stop her, but she just smiled and pushed me away, hehe.

We hung outside for a bit and talked. She told me, “I had a really great time with you last night, Richard.” It felt so good and warm to hear that. I got a good laugh out of her! I told her about the time when I was raking leaves and somehow I ended up getting dog crap all over the side of my arm and back, haha. She bursted out in laughter, it was so cute watching her laugh so hard.

Now, me and Tara are just hanging out inside and chatting on the couch. She just punched me in the arm, ouch! That girl is aggressive but sweet at the same time, I love it! Oh damn, I better call work and book a vacation day, I nearly forgot. I would hate to get in trouble or fired... After I call in, I think I will make me and Tara some lunch. Hopefully, she will like my cooking!

Me and Tara hanging outside and talking.

I was telling Tara the story about how I got dog crap all over my arm and back.

After I told Tara the story, she bursted out in laughter. She was laughing so hard!

Now, we're just sitting on the couch chatting.