A Night at the Solar Flare and Playing the Piano Drunk

What can I say, it’s what a loner’s night out should be like, dwelling on the things that bother you. I can’t help but think about my own financial situation right now. Money is pretty tight, but no matter how hard I try to ignore it, the problem just keeps flashing through my mind.

So, I went to the Solar Flare tonight to get all liquored up and try to ease the thoughts and stress. I ordered up some pretty strong drinks tonight. I didn’t even bother touching the beer. Yeah, I know... I probably shouldn’t be spending too much money on the booze since I’m already in a rough situation, but bloody hell... sometimes you get to the point where you just don’t flippin care anymore...

Anyways, as I drank back the hard bar, I was making some drunken conversations with this Felipe dude. He was sitting beside me at the bar drinking back the hard bar too. We were both pretty loaded and were trying to understand what we were saying to each other. I think he told me that the reason why he drinks so much is because his ex is a tramp and is getting him for child support. I was thinking to myself, “Damn that’s gotta suck ass.”

Afterwards, I tried to play the violin in front of everyone, but my drunkness totally ruined my beautiful violin playing skills. Like I was any good anyways... I didn’t really give a damn. I don’t really care too much about what people think of me. Don’t like me, then stay the heck away.

When I was leaving to go home, I ran into some ticked off lady. She was entering the building as I was leaving. Being in my state of drunkness, I guess I accidentally shoved her with my shoulder. She got all crazy and had a harry on me. Like come on lady it was a flippin accident.

Well, I’m just at home right now... I’m still pretty sloshed, but that energizer I took earlier in the evening ain’t gonna let me sleep anytime soon. So, I’m just having some drunken fun playing the piano. I know I’m in for a friggin massive hangover...

Drinking back some good hard booze.

Talking with this Felipe dude. We are pretty drunk and he told me his ex is getting him for child support. 

Attempting to play the violin all drunk and stuff but failing miserably.

Some lady just had a harry on me because I accidently shoved her with my shoulder when trying to leave the building.

Having some drunken fun playing the piano.