Collections and Chilling Out

It seems like a pretty relaxing day so far, besides all of the hard work I put into harvesting and garden upkeep. I haven’t watched TV for a while, so I grabbed a drink and surfed to the news channel. I don’t like TV too much, but if I’m gonna watch it, you can count on me always going to the news channel. It’s the only thing I find interesting when it comes to watching TV. While trying to focus on the news, I couldn’t help but think about my collection of treasures that I’ve found since living here in Willow Creek. I’ve found two frogs, a treasure map, and now some cool looking eggs! Also, I can’t forget about my cool treasures that I’ve earned from work. Those include my cool card holder and my phat music star rug! I’m gonna have to buy another table to store some of my treasures because I’m running out of room. I had to place my treasure map on the bar, hope I don’t spill booze on it, hehe!