Genevieve Kissed My Hand!

Me and Genevieve went inside shortly after I told that jerk who was yelling at her where to go. I asked her why he was yelling at her. She said that he’s been stalking her at the Blue Velvet for a little while. When he tried to pick her up she refused. Genevieve said that he saw her walking today and followed her. He called her a filthy tramp, so she approached him and slapped him across the face, and that’s when he started yelling at her. I guess some people just can’t take being turned down too well.

I felt so bad for Genevieve... So, to help comfort her, I made her a nice hard drink to relax the nerves. I know she likes her booze strong! I told her that I won’t let that bastard go near her again. She gave me a nice big smile while she was sipping back on her drink.

A little while after, Genevieve started feeling calm again. She told me that the drink was pretty damn strong, hehe! The glass was 75% full of vodka, so I knew it was gonna be a good one!

She then approached me and started flirting with me again. She gave me a hug and thanked me for sticking up for her. We kind of got into a trance and were looking into each other’s eyes, and then that’s when she kissed my hand. I have to admit that it felt pretty good and it gave me a really big warm fuzzy.

Man, I’m really beginning to get mixed feelings now. I’m so in love with Tara, but yet I still have a little bit of feelings for Genevieve. When she kissed my hand, it just reminded me of how we first met at the Rattlesnake back in February and how our friendship has really grown. We've spent so much time together, and she's such a wonderful best friend.

This is such a hard situation to be in. I have such a huge crush on Tara and we’re beginning to get closer, but I literally did smile when Genevieve kissed my hand... Oh boy, what am I gonna do, Richard?