Having Some Drinks with My Grandma!

Holy friggin coconuts! My grandmother just moved to town! I was sitting in my new outdoor chair enjoying a drink and then out of the corner of my eye I see my grandmother walking down the street. I haven’t seen her in so long, so I got up and just rushed at her like a crazy bull.

I asked her what she was doing here in Willow Creek. She said that a lot of the family is moving here. I guess my parents, Cassi, and Victoria must have told her about the place and how beautiful it is to live here.

She grabbed me by the cheek and asked why I haven’t called her in such a long time. I tried to explain that things have been pretty distant for me and that I’ve been pretty busy since living here in Willow Creek.

I asked how my grandfather was doing. She said that he’s exactly the same as when I last saw him. Hehe, I really missed him a lot. I’m gonna have to go fishing with him sometime. My grandfather loves fishing!

My grandmother asked me what’s new in my life. Meh, I told her about my job and how I’m a C-Lister in the entertainment industry and that I met a couple of really good friends since being here. I also told her about Tara and how I think she’s such a beautiful and wonderful girl. I told her that I’m falling in love with Tara. So, she asked when we’re getting married! Heh, I told her that we just met only a few months ago and that we’re just friends right now.

Afterwards, I showed her my place and made us a couple of drinks. Hehe, I haven’t seen my grandmother have a drink since I was a very young lad, but I guess she thought the time to celebrate was now!

Now, me and my grandmother are just talking at the table and finishing up our drinks, and then she’s gonna be leaving. My grandfather is probably wondering where the heck she is. I asked where she was living. She said that my auntie Elaine, my uncle Darren, my cousins Victoria and Colton, and her and Grandpa are all living in a house together just a little ways from here. I told her that I’m gonna have to come and visit soon so that I can enjoy some of her fine cooking. I love her cooking! My grandmother is the best damn cook in the world!

Talking with my grandmother on the street. I was so excited to see her again!

Me and my grandmother catching up on times.

Hehe, my grandmother just grabbed my cheek and asked why I haven't called her in such a long time.

Making me and my grandmother a drink.

I haven't seen my grandmother drink since I was just a young lad.

Me and my grandmother just finishing up out drinks and then she's gonna be heading home.