Tara Hugged Me

I had the best moment of my life so far tonight. Tara hugged me, and it felt so good holding her in my arms. This was the first time we've ever hugged, and I feel so happy. I really enjoyed spending the evening with her. We talked outside for a bit and then came inside for some drinks. I was telling her a joke and then she burst out in so much laughter. I’ve never seen anyone laugh so hard. It was so cute. I also did a bit of flirting with her. I blew her a friendly kiss, and as she looked at me with her beautiful smile she gave me a flirty hand gesture in return. We seem to flirt like this a lot. Later on in the evening, we even watched some TV together. I really enjoyed sitting next to her, it just felt so warm and comforting. I kept looking at her out of the corner of my eye while thinking to myself how beautiful she is. Afterwards, came that wonderful hug, and then we flirted even more. Although I still haven't told her how I feel yet, I really do think she’s already beginning to find out. I also think she likes me too but hasn’t said it yet either. The way we talk, the way we flirt, and all of it... we're really growing closer, and it makes me feel so good about my life.