Bob's Good Now!

Damn! Tara couldn’t make it tonight. I called her and she said that she was sleeping and had to get up early for work tomorrow. I guess I'll have to introduce Cassi to her another day. After I got off the phone with Tara, Bob came outside and was standing beside me. I was a little bit concerned because of what happened with Eliza.

However, things went well. We talked for a bit on the bench and I told him that I have no interest in Eliza and that I'm in love with another girl, Tara. I told him that sometimes when people drink a lot, they can end up doing things they regret and don’t mean to do. Drunkenness often does that to people. I patted him on the back and said that his wife loves him. He smiled at me and slurred the words, “Thank you.” I told him that it’s all good.

Now, I’m just sitting with him inside waiting for a drink. I ordered us a round. Cassi, Stephon, and Harper are all on the dance floor moving their bodies! So much for me hanging out with my cousin. She’s having good time with my bloody friends, hehe!