Keep Dancing, Tara!

Wooo! Keep dancing, Tara! We’re having a pretty good time. I don’t know where the heck these girls get all the energy to dance. I would have dropped in the first five minutes, hehe! Bloody Stephon! I was telling him what’s going through my mind right now with Tara over. I told him about how she blew me a kiss. He responded with, “Well, bro... you know what ya gotta to do next. You gotta stick your tongue down her throat!” Haha, I was just thinking of the last time he tried that and how badly he failed. I gave him a slight punch to the shoulder and said, “Naw bro, I really like her, and I want to take it really slowly.” He called me a frickin pussy! Meh, I just smirked! Anyways, I did end up lifting my body and getting into the dance groove just for a bit. I didn’t want the ladies to feel that us men were a bunch of lazy goons sitting on the couch! Well, that is for me of course because Stephon is sitting there like a dead whale, lol!