Me and Tara Are Getting Closer

Well, I didn’t get to tell Tara how I feel directly, but after tonight I think she really gets the idea! We spent a lot of the time at the park talking on the bench. She was flirting with me and I was flirting with her. The feeling was so great. This time, I blew her a kiss! She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and showed me her precious smile. I love her smile! I was going to tell her how I feel, but I took too long and she had to go home and get ready for work in the morning. However, after spending all day with her at my place and the park, I really feel that we're growing even closer. The signs just show it. She got upset because Genevieve blew me a kiss in front of her last night, she came over today all sad and hurt but wanted to see me, and now we just had an awesome time together at the park. I’m feeling so happy! I really am in love with her, and it shows that she really is in love with me. I guess there's always next time to finally break the ice!