Chillin with Stephon at My Place

The doctor’s in the house... Dr. Stephon! Wooooo! Hehe, I invited my brother from anutha mutha over! I figured it was a good night to just stay inside for some drinks since I'm pretty damn broke. Bloody Stephon, he’s such a guy! He was just telling me about his day at work at the hospital. He was telling me that he had a patient who had some kind of a wart problem with his secret area. When the guy removed his clothing to show him the infected area, Stephon said that he freaked out and said, “Holy Shit!” Hahaha! Oh man, poor dude. Stephon said that he tried so many times to apologize and that he didn’t mean to freak out like that, but the guy just walked out and said that he’s gonna be contacting the regional health authority. The funnier thing is that Stephon doesn’t even seem to give a crap that he might be in some seriously deep shit, lol! Damn, what a night! We’re just downing some hard bar right now. Good times, good times!