Had a Great Night at the Rattlesnake

I had a great night at the Rattlesnake tonight! Me and Genevieve had some more drinks while we talked about life. She said that she was moving into her own place soon. I told her that was pretty damn sweet. She’s currently stuck with a bunch of roomies, so I know she must be pretty excited to get the heck out of there. Afterwards, Genevieve had to leave to go bartend at the Blue Velvet, but my good ole friend Richard. T showed up. We spent some time catching up on old times. I asked what made him move to Newcrest. He said that he just needed some change. I told him that was pretty cool and that it can be nice just to get away and start again somewhere else. Anyways, we continued talking for a few hours until he went home. Now, I’m just about to head home myself. I’m kinda worn out because it was a pretty busy day, and I did have pretty good workout at the gym. I might actually go to sleep early today!