Had a Great Run and Some Sex Talk at the Gym

I had a pretty good run on the treadmill today. I’m pretty damn exhausted! I also had some gym company as well. Eliza and Harper showed up and joined in on the running. We did some chit chatting while we worked out. Harper and Eliza just met, but Harper was so excited to tell us about her night with Stephon. Apparently Mr. Bowden was a romantic last night, hehe! Harper said that he brought her some chocolates and flowers, and that they had the best sex ever! Damn, girl... thanks for sharing! Eliza got a chuckle out of it, but then she began sharing her story about when her and Bob first made love. She said that they did it in the back seat of Bob’s car. Damn these woman! So, it was quite an interesting conversation that was going on. I kinda let the ladies finish off the conversation because I didn’t wanna share when the last time I had some good loving was! It’s been so long, hehe! Well, it’s time to head down to the mall and do some shopping.