Me and Tara Cloud Gazed Together

It was definitely an awesome day at the park today. After eating the burgers, me, Tara, and Stephon went to find Genevieve. We found her doing some push ups by the lake. She said that she was in a fitness kind of a mood today, hehe! Anyways, we shared the good news about the delicious burgers that Tara made, and then she quickly hopped to her feet and followed us back to the picnic table. After Genevieve and Stephon left, me and Tara began to talk. You know... the nice close friends talk. I really enjoyed spending some more time with her today. We cloud gazed together, and I also blew her a kiss, she likes it when I do that. After the park, I walked her home. We talked some more, and before it was time to say goodbye, she gave me the biggest hug ever! It felt so good, and I just wanted it to last forever. I love this gal, and I just can’t stop thinking of her.