Had a Great Time with Genevieve at the Arid Ridge

I had a really great time with Genevieve at the Arid Ridge tonight. She was already here when I arrived. We did some swimming and talked by the pool for a while. Genevieve was telling me some messed up joke which got a good laugh out of both of us. She has some pretty twisted jokes, lol. So, to be a funny guy back, I splashed her with water, but she kicked water back at me, hehe! To make things even more exciting, there was this dude who was so ticked off because the bartender cut him off. He started stomping the garbage that was spilt by the pool. I guess some people just can’t accept no without making a scene.

Anyways, me and Genevieve were still hanging out in the pool, and this other chick joined us. I didn’t quite catch her name, but she seemed like a pretty cool gal. Both her and Genevieve were listening to my story about how me and my friend Justin saw a UFO when we were kids. Yeah, they were mocking me, lol!

Afterwards, me and Genevieve went to the bar to get some booze. The bartender was doing some fancy tricks with the liquor bottles while making our drinks, but I ended his slickness by doing the woobly woobly, hehe! I got some good tears of laughter out of Genevieve there! A short while after, Harper showed up to bartend, and she didn’t look too happy to be here. The other dude left a big mess for her to clean up, and she was scrubbing away at the counter. I couldn’t help but laugh at her, and then she gave me the evil eye, lol!

So, me and Genevieve pretty much spent the rest of the night at the bar enjoying some good drinks and talking with Harper when she wasn’t busy serving. Me and Genevieve also talked about life in general and how awesome the trip to Granite Falls is going to be. She was also flirting with me again. Damn, I just wish I could get the courage to tell her that I’m in love with Tara. It’s so hard to tell her though when she’s your best friend and you don’t want to hurt her feelings...

After Genevieve left, I decided to stick around for a bit longer and chat with Harper. Before this evening, I haven’t seen her for a while. She was in a much better mood than when she first arrived tonight. She was telling me another story about her and Stephon’s sex life, hehe! She got right into the details. These two are pretty damn intimate. Oh well, who knows... maybe they will get married someday!