It's a Party in Here Tonight!

Woo! Yeah baby, rock and roll! My blood is flowing! It’s a party in here tonight. It’s so packed and everyone is just so damn pumped. Genevieve is definitely keeping busy tonight!

I met this chick named Aisha, but I think I've seen her before... or not. We were having some cold drinks while she was telling me about how she broke up with her dirt bag of a boyfriend. I think she was trying to hit on me, man! It must be my good looks, no it’s definitely gotta be my good looks!

However, I had to tell her that I already have a nice girl in mind. I told her about Tara and she said, “Tara must be a very special girl to have someone like you interested in her.” I couldn’t help but blush and smile.

Both Gilbert and Eliza are here too. It’s been a little while since I last talked to them, but they’re both doing pretty good.

Stephon even showed up! He’s just like me, he likes the night life with a few cold drinks! Eliza just finished taking a picture of us. Damn, we just look so fabulous, hehe! Nice facial expression, Stephon!

It's a party in here!

Everyone is having a pretty damn good time!

Eliza just took a photo of me and Stephon. We're down with the partying!