Ran into My Ex-Girlfriend Suraya

The night is just getting started. Unfortunately, Tara had to leave because work called her in for some kind of an important meeting. She said that she might drop by my place later on tonight.

Anyways, if things couldn’t get any more interesting, they sure did today. I just ran into my ex-girlfriend, Suraya. I haven’t seen her for ages, but apparently she just moved to Willow Creek a few weeks ago. It was kinda awkward meeting her here, but I kept things cool. Our old relationship wasn’t too much of a happy one, lol!

However, I’m glad time has allowed us just to forget about the past. We actually enjoyed some drinks and carried out some decent conversations without any arguments. We didn’t talk about our past relationship. We mostly talked about what’s new, how things are going, and all that other kind of friendly stuff. Trust me, the last thing I wanted to talk to her about was our old relationship, hehe!

Also, I can’t believe it, but I nearly forgot to call work and tell them I was taking a vacation day off. It just hit me after I had my last drink and saw the time. That was pretty damn close, a no show would have not been good at all.