Some Scrambled Eggs and Bacon Delight!

I just got up and finished making a nice afternoon meal. Oh yeah, I craved the bacon, man! So, I pulled out all the cooking stuff and ingredients to make some beautiful scrambled eggs and bacon. My mouth waters every time I see or smell bacon. It’s just so damn delicious! I swear that I could just live off of the stuff. I’m just sitting at the table right now and meditating on each bite I take, hehe! Bacon just seems to have that effect on me. I guess once I’m done eating, I’m gonna head out and go for a nice long jog after I call my mother to thank her for the gifts she sent. She bought me some new athletic clothes. The delivery guy just brought them over before I started cooking. I can try them out when I go for my jog.

Cooking the eggs and bacon!

A job well done!

I'm just meditating on the beautiful smell and delicious taste of a plate full of eggs and bacon!