Tara's Coming to Granite Falls

Me and Tara had fun spending time together at the park and hanging out. I love spending time with her. She even chased me around the park in good humor. It was funny watching her run in her skirt and high heels, Tara’s a playful girl! I asked if she wanted to come to Granite Falls with me, Genevieve, Stephon, and Harper, and she said that she’s up for it and just has to book some time off from work. I told her that we’re planning for the middle of January in the new year and that there’s plenty of time to make arrangements. Anyways, I just gave Tara a hug goodbye. She had to go for an appointment. She was going to one of those beauty places that specialize in hair and makeup. I told her that I’d give her a call tonight to see how the appointment went. Well, I guess I’m gonna head down to the Rattlesnake for a few drinks!

Tara said she’s gonna come to Granite Falls with the rest of us, and she seems pretty excited about it. This is gonna be pretty damn sweet!