Chilled Outside for a Bit and My Frog Table

I decided to chill outside for a bit and enjoy some fresh air. Even though I’m tired as heck, it was just too early to go to bed. Oh, and I found a new frog! I heard the little bugger croaking inside the log, so I decided to take him in as a part of the family just like Baxter and my other frog. I removed the two egg things from the table and placed them in my room so that I could make room for the new guy. I now have a frog table, hehe! Well, I think it’s definitely time to crash now because I can barely keep my eyes open. At least it’s 2:30am, so I won’t be getting up too early.

Grabbing the new frog from the log. I heard the little bugger croaking from inside there.

My frog table!