Good Morning 1993!

I can’t believe I got up so damn early. I got up at round 8am which means this is gonna be a very long day... Oh well, at least I get to experience the beauties of the morning! Anyways, I just finished cooking up some finger licking delicious tilapia fish for breakfast. It was so damn tasty, it made my mouth water on each bite! I’m trying to eat a little bit healthier since I’m gonna be focusing on getting back into shape this year. Every little bit counts, and that includes my diet. Stephon also called to invite me over to his place for a drink or two. So, I think I will head over there for a bit, and then I’m gonna hit the gym and pump some iron afterwards before I go to work.

Preparing the tilapia with butter and delicious spices!

Cooking the tilapia. Man, did it ever smell good!

Mmmm! Enjoying this finger licking delicious tilapia!