A Couple of Lonely Hearts

Well, it’s a time of loneliness for me… So, I went to the Solar Flare to rid that emptiness with a nice hard glass of whisky! I tell ya, there is no loneliness when you got a nice amount of whisky in ya, hehe!

I guess I am not the only one who who’s feeling lonely. Genevieve came by for some drinks too, and she was telling me that she’s also feeling a bit lonely. We chuckled amongst each other as we shot back the booze.

The night was going pretty good. I actually spent a lot of the time talking with Genevieve. We even ended up taking a nice drunken photo together for the memories, hehe! She’s a cute gal, and we have been spending quite a bit of time together. Maybe I will skip work and ask her if she wants to do something together tomorrow.

I also met this Ross guy. He was telling me that he was new to the town, and that he stopped by to try and meet some new folks. He seems like a pretty decent fellow, much better than that Spencer guy I met a couple of nights ago.

Afterwords, I just began to breeze off the night by talking with, Robin, a familiar bartender I always see around. She also seems like a nice gal, very happy and outgoing. She was telling me that she loves her job, I guess she has been doing it for years.

Lastly, I ended the night by enjoying a huge plate of chips and this new Sea Splash drink, it had some kick to it and the chips were pretty tasty too. Simply but, the Solar Flare has good stuff!