A Great Jog and Some Violin Practice

I got some pretty damn good exercise today! I jogged to the park and continued for a little while longer. If I keep this up I will end up losing all that weight I gained from being so flippin lazy over the last few months. I also brought my violin with me. It was a beautiful day out, so I figured I would impress the folks at park with my awful violin skill, hehe. Surprisingly, there was one dude, this Travis guy, who actually enjoyed my performance. I thanked him for compliments. We chilled for a bit, and then I went to grab some dinner. There was garbage spilled everywhere where I was eating. There too many damn punks in this neighborhood. Well, it’s time to head off to work, last shift of this month!

Jogging at the park!

I decided to take a quick break and relax at a picnic table.

Practicing my violin skills!

Chatting with Travis, the guy who watched my performance.

Just finished eating dinner and watching Travis picking up all the garbage that was spilt all over the place.