A New Month and a New Lantern

Well, it's now the first day of April and I am now going in my fourth month living in this community. I am actually really loving it here. For the most part, the people are pretty nice here. Anyways, I went out earlier this afternoon and bought a new lantern for the home. It will become handy when I am barbequing or spending some time out on my patio at night.

I went to check on my garden shortly after installing the new lantern, and wow those plants I planted last month have really grown beautifully. However, looking around the yard I still have much work cut out for me. I found more rotten plants that need to be removed.

Mmmm, I am now just sitting here and enjoying another slice of that pizza I ordered the other day, and then I am off to work.

My plants have grown!

Found some more rotten plants.

Just eating some more pizza before I head to work.