A Night with the Ladies

Hooooolaahhhh, Mr. Romanza here! Damn, what a night. I finally made it back from the Blue Velvet. I had way too much to drink tonight and everything is just spinning around me, but man I spent most of the night with the ladies! RARRRRR! I can’t help it, the ladies just dig me! I guess once I get a few drinks in me it turns me into a romantic tiger, hahah!

Flippin eh, it was a great night. I started the night by hanging out with Stephon and that chick Eliza I met a few times. She seems like an okay gal, but I never seem to get into an interesting conversation with her. Oh well, I will leave that to Stephon. He’s still looking to pick up a gal.

Later on, I left Stephon and Eliza to their own conversations and went to play some piano. I managed to pick up a bit of a crowd. However, I still got a lot of work to do in order to master the piano. It is such a difficult instrument to play.

So, I finished up with the piano and went to the bar for some more drinks. This is where I met this gal by the name of Jada. We hit it off not too bad! She loves a nice cold drink too. We talked for quite a while. She told me she has an anger problem, kinda like myself, hehe. She’s definitely an interesting lady. Afterwards, she went to the bathroom and she came back wearing a dress. I guess she was trying to impress me. We talked for a little while more.

Afterwards, I ran into that chick that Stephon tried to pick up at the Oasis. It seems I am a smoother talker than poor ole Stephon. Anyways, I spent pretty much the rest of the time talking with Bella. We were both pretty drunk, so I didn’t really get to learn much about her. We chatted at a table together and then went for some drinks at the bar. She seems to be an outgoing person.

Lastly, I finished off the evening by flippin going for a drink that somebody left on the floor, hehe! I guess I was thinking it was quite a shame to leave good booze on the floor untouched! After I finished drinking it, I took a long drunken walk home.

Now, I am just eating some more delicious pizza… I think I am going to skip work today and take an extra day off because it's already flippin 7:53am, and I don’t think I will be able to get up!