Everybody's at the Rattlesnake!

I just got back from the Rattlesnake. Me, Genevieve, and that Spencer fellow went there right after the park. Everyone was there including Stephon and my uncle Martin. It was pretty crowded, but damn did ever have a good time!

I began the night with a cold beer and trying to get to know Spencer a bit better. He comes across as a snob, so I probably won’t be hanging out with that guy again. Whatever Genevieve decides that’s her choice.

After I broke conversation with Spencer, I met this gal with glasses, but I forgot her name, hehe. She was telling me a bit about her life and how she is so self-assured about everything. I told her a bit about myself, and how I just moved into town a few months ago.

Genevieve was having a blast and was partying with everyone. She had more drinks than me! People seem to like her a lot. Besides that one bad day we had together a little while ago, she is pretty much an outgoing gal with much excitement.

Later on, my uncle Martin showed up! I haven’t seen him since the last time he was at the Rattlesnake. Hehe, he was pointing out how I gained a bit of weight since we last spoke. I confessed that I was being lazy, eating unhealthy foods, and drinking all night at the clubs! We had a few drinks together during the night.

After the crowd began to settle down, I hung out with Stephon for a bit before going home. He told me he’s still struggling to find that lady friend… I guess he hasn’t had any success yet, but again Stephon is far from a smooth talker. Based on what happened at the Oasis, he comes across as obnoxious when it comes to trying to meet ladies.

Well, I got one more day off. I am going to grab some grub and head to bed. It’s early morning now, and I am so flippin exhausted.