Finally, a Couple Days Off!

Today wasn't the smoothest of days, but thank god I got a couple days off. I think it's almost time to buy a new bed because I woke up with sore back.  I tried to sooth the muscles by having hot shower but the shower is so cheap it felt like hail hitting me, I might replace that soon too. To help put a positive mindset in before I go to work, I put on some nice classical music while I had my lunch and prepared to head out. Buying the stereo was one of the best things I have ever done, music is great.

To help make the day worst, I got home and checked the mail, and I bloody owe over 300 dollars in bills. I couldn't help but slam the mail box... I tried relaxing by watching some TV, but it wasn't happening. So, I figured I would try and have some fun by going to the Rattlesnake for a few drinks. I got there and I found somebody digging through the garbage, I guess I am not the only one who was having a bad day.

It was pretty lively at the Rattlesnake, the crowd was watching some kind of an event on TV, but I just couldn't find any interest. I tried talking with some of the folks, but I wasn't too enthusiastic in the conversations. I went to the bar for one final drink before I headed home. I spent the remainder of the night thinking deeply on my patio chair... Oh well, that was my day. Tomorrow, I am going to visit Cassi and then head to the gym.